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Card points and Pok Deng rules.

Pok Deng rules If the first card in the Player’s hand has a point (numeric value) of eight or nine points. Players will receive poker cards. Such players must turn their cards up. As they are considered good and the player cannot draw more cards. The same rules apply when

What is Pok Deng?

Pok Deng or Pok Kao is one of the most popular card games among Thai gamblers. It is a game of luck where you have to beat the dealer with double bounce, triple bounce and flush. Designed to be able to have up to 17

How to play online casino to make money?

If anyone is interested in betting with an online casino website. We also have a method that would like to recommend to those. Who are interested betting to know each other as follows. Choose an Online Casino Provider Well.  Try to study the information carefully before

History of Slots Games.

Slots games are very popular gambling machines with a way of playing. It that can be understood very games easily. While its history must go back long enough. Since 1887 the first slot machine ever produced was invented by Charles Fey. A German engineer who gave birth to

How to stay safe slots online?

Trust is still a major issue when playing safe slots and we recommend playing on games offered by licensed online casinos. These offer trustworthy online slots from the best developers .And the fact that they are licensed by a local regulatory authority means you are

Why play real money online slots?

Online slots sites are getting better and better, offering an ever-increasing range of games to choose from. some based on traditional casino games, and others offering something completely different. You can play from the comfort of home, or on the move anywhere you like. Slots

How to place bets in roulette forms?

          Betting in Roulette It is divide into 2 main roulette forms: Outside bets and Inside bets. Where bets are not specific to any part of the numbers and Inside bets. To bet on specific numbers. Each of which has a different payout rate.           So what are

Roulette types.

If you are a novice gambler and are starting to want to know how roulette works. We will get to know Roulette types first. Mainly, the roulette wheel consists of numbers from 0–36. The numbers are not arranged in sequence betting. But are alternating color between

Highlights of the Roulette Game.

Roulette game invented in the 17th century by a Frenchman named Blaise Pascal. Who is known as the foremost physicist and mathematician of France bets. His outstanding work is the invention of the most famous theory. “Atmospheric pressure theory” What many people may not know is that The

How to play roulette?

Play roulette is easy. There are two game features, the table and the roulette wheel. The numbers on the wheel are paired with the table for European betting. Those numbers are 0 to 36. On the steering wheel, numbers will be randomly distributed. and will alternate between red and black.