KeyShowX 3.0

Control multiple PowerPoint and Keynote presentations at the same time on PCs and Macs

KeyShowX controlling three Surface Studios with PowerPoint

KeyShowX is the simplest and most inexpensive way to control multi-screen PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. For more than a decade it was used in movies, tv shows, museums and various events. Make sure to read the KeyShowX Quick Help (PDF) for more details about setup and configuration.

KeyShowX schematic explanation of the setup.

The free KeyShowX Node app should be installed and started on all PCs and Macs with PowerPoint or Keynote which you intend to control remotely.

KeyShowX Node.

Get KeyShowX Node from Microsoft Store (free, no Microsoft Store registration required).
Download KeyShowX Node for macOS (free, signed and Apple notarized, 23 MB).
KeyShowX Node on macOS is using Apple Events / System Events for controlling Keynote and PowerPoint. macOS will display several security warnings during the first start of KeyShowX Node and after receiving the first few controlling commands. Make sure to allow KeyShowX Node accepting network communications, using System Events, Keynote and PowerPoint.

The commercial KeyShowX PowerPoint Controller and KeyShowX Keynote Controllers apps should be used from designated controlling PC or a Mac.

KeyShowX PowerPoint Controller.

Get KeyShowX PowerPoint Controller from Microsoft Store (commercial, 1-day trial available).
Download unlimited trial KeyShowX PowerPoint controller for macOS (signed and Apple notarized, 23 MB).

KeyShowX Keynote Controller.

Download unlimited trial KeyShowX Keynote controller for macOS (signed and Apple notarized, 23 MB).

Purchasing KeyShowX controllers for macOS

Currently both KeyShowX controllers for macOS (KeyShowX PowerPoint controller and KeyShowX Keynote controller) are available only with enterprise time-limited license.

Unlimited installations and usage within your company / enterprise of both macOS controllers:

1 year - 59.99 Euro (+VAT in EU).

Please, contact us at for purchasing time-limited licenses. We use PayPal invoices.