Advanced scheduler and automation tool for PowerPoint.

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Why KeyPointX

KeyPointX is advanced PowerPoint scheduler and automation tool for kiosks, tradeshows, info screens and digital signage displays. Create daily schedules for unattended changes between presentations. Disguise presentation changes with configurable splash screens. Requires full desktop version of PowerPoint 2016 or higher.

  • Automatic daily or weekly schedule.
  • Schedule sequence of presentations for the entire day with minute precision.
  • Generic schedule for all days, unique schedules for each day of the week. For example, use generic schedule for the whole week, except Tuesday and Friday, where a different schedule is used.
  • Automatic infinite running loop for all presentations.
  • Configure delay between slides per presentation.
  • Possibility to use pre-configured self-running presentation.
  • Schedule quiet periods with no presentations running.
  • Configurable full-screen splash window for periods during the presentation changes or quiet periods.

KeyPointX screenshot with schedule

KeyPointX screenshot with schedule and edit dialog for the schedule entry

Privacy Policy

KeyWebX apps do not contain any analytics and do not collect, store or transmit any personal data.