Use Surface Pen to control PowerPoint, Google Slides, Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC, VLC Player, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Impress, record audio clips, take snapshots from camera and more.

You can buy KeyPenX from Microsoft Store, free 1-day trial:

Microsoft Store badge leading to KeyPenX product page at Microsoft

Why KeyPenX

For all Surface devices compatible with Surface Pen it is possible to assign custom actions when you press the top button, for example opening OneNote or launching various applications. With KeyPenX you can also assign controlling actions to PowerPoint, Google Slides, OpenOffice and many others. For example, go to the next slide when you click pen button once, previous slide when you double click and start slideshow, when you press and hold the button. Essentially, KeyPenX turns your Surface Pen into ultimate remote control!

Unlike default fixed PowerPoint shortcuts for Surface Pen in Windows 10, with KeyPenX you can fully customize presentation navigation shortcuts, including starting slideshow. If you are an active Surface Pen user, especially if you are a teacher or a presenter frequently using Google Slides, OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint and handwriting notes on your slides, it is extremely convenient way of advancing presentations using Surface Pen only.

What is unique about KeyPenX? It is also possible to assign secondary actions when PowerPoint is not running. After presenting you don’t have to go back to your Surface system settings and change pen shortcuts to their default behavior. Even if you don’t use PowerPoint for presentations, with KeyPenX you can control Google Slides in Google Chrome or Firefox browser, Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC, VLC Player, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Impress.

KeyPenX has also embedded actions for recording short audio clips and taking snapshots from camera. Will it work with non-Surface devices and pens? As long as your device and pen are supported in Windows Pen Settings, you should be able to use KeyPenX.

How it works

During the first launch KeyPenX makes a new sub-folder “KeyPenX” in your “Documents” folder and generates three shortcuts “KeyPenX-SingleClick.lnk”, “KeyPenX-DoubleClick.lnk” and “KeyPenX-PressHold.lnk”. Follow instructions in KeyPenX main window and assign those file shortcuts to pen shortcuts in system Pen settings:

Screenshot of KeyPenX main windows with settings

For example, your system’s pen settings might look like this:

Screenshot of KeyPenX folder with shortcuts and Windows System settings for Pen & Ink

Define in KeyPenX secondary actions for situation when PowerPoint is not running – start OneNote, Cortana, Windows Ink Workspace, record short audio clip, take a snapshot from Surface camera or directly execute any classic app. Please note: KeyPenX cannot define pen actions for execution under the lock screen.

Privacy Policy

KeyWebX apps do not contain any analytics and do not collect, store or transmit any personal data.