Xabi Hernandez aims to invade and kill the Inter Milan.

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Xabi Hernandez has urged Barcelona’s players to do their best as they hope to beat Inter Milan. Azulgrana will travel to Inter Milan in the third leg of their Champions League Group C clash on Tuesday night. The first two matches of the Spanish representatives ended in 1 win and 1 loss.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday. Xabi said he expected his players to perform at 100 per cent because victory would be crucial to qualifying UFABET.

“It will be an important victory to raise the mentality and confidence of the team.” Xabi Hernandez said.

“That’s why tomorrow (Tuesday) we have to go out to give 100 percent. And show that we can come and win on a pitch like this.

“It’s not a big deal. (Inter’s poor performance) They are a very strong team. There is a different system of play than any of the teams we’ve encountered up until now.

“They play with two forwards. which is something you rarely see in Spain. They are strong competitors. have a good drive But that’s what must be expressed. We already have a lesson in Munich. We have to play the same way there. But the results must be different.”