What is Pok Deng?

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Pok Deng or Pok Kao is one of the most popular card games among Thai gamblers. It is a game of luck where you have to beat the dealer with double bounce, triple bounce and flush. Designed to be able to have up to 17 players including the dealer. The number of players makes the game more fun. And allows for a wide variety of gameplay. No more than eight other people.

How to play Pok Deng?

To start the game of Pok Deng You must first identify the dealer. The dealer can be the same person throughout the game or switch to another person. The game itself is very short: games by UFABET 

  • All players place bets.
  • Player vs Banker not fighting each other
  • The dealer then shuffles 52 cards per deck.
  • The player agrees that the game will be played in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  • The dealer deals each player face-down cards one at a time, finalizing two cards to himself.
  • The remaining cards in the deck are piles to draw.
  • Each player chooses whether to stay with the cards dealt or ask to draw more cards from the deck.
  • The dealer then compares his cards with the selected players.
  • Then the dealer will be able to draw more cards.
  • The dealer compares the hand with the rest of the players.

Pokdeng game proceeds in the same direction as the direction of the cards being dealt. when it’s your turn You can choose whether you want to “fight” – “draw a card – or “stand” with the cards you have. Each player can draw only one card from the deck which gives all players two or three cards in their hand. This is why the maximum number of people who can play Pok Deng is seventeen.