Tuchel connects to Declan Rice talks.

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Sky Sports Germany reports Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel phoned with West Ham midfielder Declan Rice a few days ago.

The 24-year-old midfielder has been constantly linked with transfers by British media and elsewhere. This summer is believed to be the time to move to a new agency for the defensive midfielder. Because the contract with West Ham is about to enter its final year.

The Hammers tried to offer him a new contract but the England midfielder declined. Which after that came with the news of transferring teams that came out almost every day

Most recently, Sky Sports Germany reported. Tuchel had a phone call with Rice, and talks a few days ago went well. In addition, the 24-year-old midfielder is ready to move to Bayern as well.

It is expected that after this. The new board of directors of the Southern Tigers will speed up the process according to Tuchel’s wishes in submitting an offer to West Ham to consider after the team has just won the Bundesliga title successfully UFABET 

However, everything is a race against time because favorites like Arsenal are rushing to negotiate to bring Declan Rice to the team as soon as possible. Including other teams Many more interested in this midfield.