Trent Dream of riding an open-top bus to bid farewell to JK

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Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool’s back Revealing his goal of wanting to take the championship bus across the city to bid farewell to Jurgen Klopp at the end of this season.

After managing the team at Anfield for 9 years, the German coach Decided to announce retirement this summer. Even though he was hoping for 4 championships,

Trent said, “I’m as shocked as anyone. If not more than that, seriously.”

“It’s a big surprise for all of us. Of course, that’s not a good thing. But it was a personal decision he made. You have to respect the decision.

“I loved every minute of working with him. And I can’t wait for the season to end. Excited to see what memories we can create.” ทางเข้า

Asked how the players would be able to bid Klopp the perfect farewell,

Trent said: “Moving around Liverpool on the bus. Convertible This is the ending to the novel that I think everyone was hoping for. It’s our motivation.”

“That’s been our motivation since the start of the season. And it’s our motivation right now.”

“It’s even more important to be able to bid farewell to the manager in the way he deserves. Our goal is like this. Ride an open-top bus around Liverpool.”