Ten Hag complains about the consistency of the Manchester United form.

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Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag has complained about the consistency of his team’s performance. Ready to understand the disappointment and frustration of football fans after losing 0-3 to Bournemouth at home.

“At the start of the game we were in the wrong focus. We conceded a goal that couldn’t be allowed to happen. Mistakes in the build-up are still ok, tolerable. But then we were in a better position where they shouldn’t have easily penetrated. Like that and score goals.”UFABET

“We try to stay in games where we have a lot of rhythm. Came into their territory and did well in the penalty area. Our intelligence or movement in the penalty area was not good enough. Like after half time we tried to equalise. And it collapsed from the second goal.”

“You have to start right and be 100% focused when you don’t have everyone enthusiastic. It cannot happen when your opponent is more enthusiastic than you.”

“We had a good time playing, just the timing in our position wasn’t good enough. You can’t make mistakes in a game of this level. Opponents will benefit from it. You can’t switch off and that’s what happened.”

“We have to keep working if we want to succeed. If you want to achieve the goals you set. You have to be consistent.”

In a message to fans, Ten Hag said:

“I understand the disappointment and frustration. We are the same. But we should do better. We have to show that in every game. It’s not just one game and the next it’s played at a very different level.”

Ten Hag also spoke about upgrading the players ahead of the important game against Bayern Munich. saying: “We know we can do it. We showed this week that we have good form. We have to put this behind us but we also have to talk about it. And We have to be consistent and play as many good opponents as we can. But you have to do it every day. To get it right and that has to be the standard. So we have to reach a higher standard to do it.”