Nagelsmann focused on the Bayern Munich showing good form.

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Julian Nagelsmann who Bayern Munich coach expect their players to perform well in the Champions League on Tuesday.

The South Tigers are set to face Victoria Pilsen in the third leg of their Champions League Group C match on Tuesday. With the first two matches of the German team having all won.

At a press conference on Monday, Nagelsmann said he expected his players to produce good results. It is also expected that competitors from the Czech Republic will definitely play with full strength.

“Meeting Pilsen was a very important game to win. and also to maintain the rhythm of play I expect a high level of performance from the team. I also thought that Pilsen would have to play deep in defense. They have a game plan similar to Augsburg. UFABET

“We have to rotate the team a bit. But we will not change up to seven players, there are many directions. Quick substitution or change of 11 starting players.”

Despite being only in his early 30s, a number that is much younger than the age of many seasoned footballers. RB Leipzig ‘s young and energetic German manager Julian Nagelsmann has put on a show. The skill of managing a football team is excellent beyond his age. Therefore, it has been regarded as one of the world-class coaches. And has become one of the aromatic consultants who have been attracted by the big football teams for a long time.