Many French cities refrain from showing big screens during the World Cup.

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Many of France’s major cities have halted big screens and held ‘fan zones’ during the World Cup. Because they want to respond to human rights issues in football Qatar.

Several cities such as Strasbourg, Lille and Rodez have previously confirmed they will boycott the Qatar World Cup. By halting big screens and organizing ‘fan zones’ in response. Human rights issues in Qatar have been discussed a lot.

The case came as a result of human rights groups calling for justice for foreign workers. Who helped build the Qatar stadium. There have been ongoing reports that not many workers have died while working.UFABET

Although reports from Qatar show that. Only three workers were killed during the construction of the eight stadiums. International Labor Organization believes more than 50 workers were kill. And that 500 others were seriously injured from work.

Bordeaux, another big city in France, has confirmed that it will not hold a ‘fan zone’ event and show big screens during the World Cup. 

On the same day, Marseille was the latest city to boycott Qatar during by not holding events like other cities previously issue a statement.

Statement from the French Interior Ministry on Tuesday Ban the broadcast of the World Cup on the big screens in public. France has been facing a series of terrorist attacks in recent years.