Gerard Moreno may not recover in time for the World Cup.

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Villarreal striker Gerard Moreno is likely to be unable to recover in time for the World Cup in Qatar. Villarreal’s 30-year-old forward suffered a hamstring injury on September 11. And at the time believed the player could recover before football World. And has a name for the Spanish national team to play in Qatar.

The medical team had originally estimated that. Gerard Moreno would be out for a short time and would be ready to return to the team. After the end of the national team program at the end of last month UFABET.

But Mundo Deportivo’s latest report reveals that. Moreno’s condition is more severe than expected and medical teams have re-evaluated the time frame for treatment. Which is likely to be around a month or more.

According to the report, it would mean a chance to recover before football is almost hopeless and Luis Enrique is expected to cut the name of the 30-year-old forward from the team because even if he can name the team, but the national team coach. Spain didn’t want to worry about fitness problems after that.

“It’s a muscle injury. We’ll have to wait and see how intense it will be. We have to try to stay calm while he recovers.” said the yellow submarine coach.