KeyShowX 2.1

KeyShowX is a simple, yet powerful, tool for making multi-screen presentations and shows. It is a companion product for Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint. Consider it as a universal and flexible remote control unit that allows simultaneous execution and synchronization of multiple presentations running on different computers. As an extra bonus, you can also control Apple DVD player and QuickTime Player.

May 18, 2013
KeyShowX in Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium:

At the MMSD Planetarium, we use KeyShowX to provide supplemental images on three “screens” on the dome. We can choreograph combinations of images and video clips in Keynote files for live presentations, and coordinate the computers using KeyShowX. We also use KeyShowX to present prerecorded 3-screen multimedia programs using the Quicktime controller functions. KeyShowX performs perfectly for us. We present over 500 programs per year, and KeyShowX provides the dependable, consistent control that we need for both production and presentation of programs.

- Geoff Holt, Planetarium Director

Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium

Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium

May 12, 2013
New version 2.1 released. Changes in “startshow” command behaviour, introduced “close” command for presentations.

March 14, 2013
Cross Media Factory and LiveLAB used KeyShowX in 3D Hologram Roadshow Featuring Glennis Grace.